Eclecticism is no stranger to Lachlan Millsteed. Inspired by the likes of Lorde and BØRNS, Lachlan is an artist that is to defy the means of pop music. Self-proclaimed as an alternative pop artist, Lachlan explores and merges different sounds from various genres to create his own sound. Not only is his music unique, but it is filled with deep and thick bass lines, unusual synth harmonies and catchy riffs to match his distinctive vocals. Inspired by songwriting greats such as David Bowie, Billie Eilish, Carol King and Nick Cave; Lachlan’s delicate lyrics tell tales that are raw and with an attitude turned to eleven. Not only does Lachlan write lyrics but is a self-taught producer and avid for futuristic sounds and lyrics that evoke the emotions and senses. Music is to be released in 2020 
 Lachlan proudly calls Melbourne home. “Lachlan has the most original body language I’ve seen on stage since Peter Garrett” – Dallas Frasca (Dallas Frasca)